We donate 100% of the net profits for each bottle sold to our non-profit entity, iRescue® Wildlife Inc.

Premium Water. Premium Cause.

Choose iRescue® Water for your premium bottled water brand and help us end the illegal wildlife trade.

iRescue® is on a mission to end the illegal wildlife trade in Costa Rica but we can’t do it alone. We offer non-profit rescue, rehabilitate, release and retirement services for the native wildlife of Costa Rica. iRescue® Water was developed in order to help fund our efforts and expand our operation. iRescue® Water donates 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of each bottle of water back to our non-profit organisation.

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The Problem – Illegal Wildlife Trade. The Solution – iRescue®.

Studies show that almost 25% of Costa Rican families have had wildlife in their home as pets at one time or another. The illegal wildlife trade is now the 4th most lucrative transnational crime after drugs, arms and human trafficking.

Watch About Us

In 2016, iRescue® facilitates animal rescue services in Costa Rica giving neglected, abused, injured and previous confined animals a second chance at life. iRescue was originally founded in 2005 by John Merritt as a result of his desire to create different systems both technological and hands on to save imperilled wildlife in todays harsh environments. Now in 2016 after 5 years of development, John’s dream is finally realised with the launch of iRescue®’s premier wildlife rescue facility, the Lazy J Wildlife Reserve.

Located in the southern mountains of Costa Rica, this is pura vida country at its finest. Surrounded by native fruit, vegetable and cattle farmers, our secluded private facility lay tucked in the mountains surrounded by 1000s of acres of virgin habitat. This location was chosen due to its secluded nature, workable farmland and protected reserve.
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iRescue® Branches

iRescue® is not one dimensional. There are various branches that all funnel back to our non-profit initiative which is designed to save the animals and wildlife of Costa Rica.

iRescue® Non-Profit

Founded in 2005, iRescue Wildlife Inc. is a privately funded 501(c)(3) non-profit organization designed to assist wildlife and animals in need, educate the public and promote philanthropy among individuals and businesses through marketing and technology.

iRescue® Footprints

iRescue Footprints is iRescue®’s premier educational program based in Costa Rica and designed to teach the school children of Costa Rica how to properly respect animals and the importance of keeping wildlife out of their homes as pets.

iRescue® Wellness

iRescue Wellness is a non-profit branch of iRescue® designed to balance the mind, body and soul of those searching for wellness activities. The Lazy J Wildlife and Wellness Center is an all-inclusive 500 acre private wildlife reserve and rescue center hosting a maximum of 6-8 guests per day for a unique one-of-a-kind Costa Rica nature filled experience.

iRescue® Water

iRescue Water LLC is an affiliated branch of iRescue® designed to promote iRescue® and other various non-profit entities through the sales of premium bottled water. Funds from the sales of the bottled water are funnelled back various non-profits and iRescue®.

Check to see why iRescue Water is superior to other brands.

  • Our Bottle Defined

  • 100% recyclable

  • 75% Recycled Plastic

  • 25% Plant Based Material

  • BPA Free

  • Eco-Friendly Design

  • 500 ml bottle available

  • 1 liter bottle available

  • Our Water Defined

  • All natural with nothing added

  • Spring Water

  • Natural pH of 8.1

  • Contains natural minerals

  • Contains natural electrolytes

  • Filtered through limestone

  • *Mineral Composition (mgL): Calcium 36, Sulfates 10, Magnesium 18, Potassium 1, Sodium 5, Bicarbonate 100

  • Why Choose iRescue Water?

  • Our premium water is superior quality to most brands.

  • 100% of the net profits are donated to iRescue.

  • Your purchase directly supports saving wildlife.

  • You become a part of our success.

  • You help prove cause-marketing works which encourages other companies to give back through similar programs.

  • Sign up for our newsletter and see first hand how your support is helping shape our organization.

  • Receive coupons and discounts on future water purchases and stays at the Lazy J Wildlife and Wellness Center.

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Lazy J Wildlife Care Center Photo Gallery

If you are an animal and you see yourself in our photo gallery then chances are you are doing ok. Feel free to view some of our guests and residents. However, even though we have helped hundreds of animals either get back to the wild or find a permanent residence at our facility, there are 1000’s more that need our help. All we ask is that when given a choice, please drink iRescue Water and support our efforts at giving these and future animals in need a second chance at life.

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Customer Reviews: We Love our Customers, And They Love Us.

Millions of people in the US drink bottled water on a daily basis. They rely on attributes such as purity and convenience. But now those people have another reason to drink bottled water, to help save the beautiful, innocent and sometimes endangered wildlife of Costa Rica. When given a choice against other bottled water brands, customers choose to support iRescue Water and effortlessly join the fight against the cruel and inhumane market of the illegal wildlife trade.

I tried iRescue Water not expecting it to be better tasting than the Evian water brand I have been so loyal to over these years. But it is! And with an all natural pH of 8.0 I couldn’t believe how premium this water really is. Plus the purchase helps save animals. This is my new hands down favorite water product.
Erik, Florida
Thank you iRescue Water for giving those other premium water brands some worthy competition! I like premium water but I hate paying the high prices. However, now I can purchase premium water and know that my purchase is actually making a difference in this world. Great job guys!
Susan, Louisiana
I am so happy this water exists! What a great idea and much needed in the marketplace. The beautiful bottle first grabbed my attention and after reading the label, I couldn’t help but give it a shot. It tasted great and was pleasantly surprised to see that it had a natural pH of 8.0. On top of the quality, I love helping animals whenever I can and iRescue Water gives me an opportunity to do just that simply by choosing their brand over the same ol brands that we all know. I am glad to support your company and thanks for making this brand a quality product. I am sold.
Billy, Florida
My cousin mailed me a case of this water and I was blown away! A premium water product company that donates 100% of its net profits to a non-profit organization rescuing animals?!? Must I say I was impressed. I wish more companies followed your lead. Please let me know when the product is in my area. Thanks!
Jaime, California
Thank you for saving the animals. Very cool bottle and great message. I saw this water at a music festival in Miami and was not expecting a product such as this to be sold at a concert but I am sure glad it was. I hope your company gets a lot more support in the future. I will buy this water over Fiji any day! I would love to visit the iRescue wellness center one day. It looks amazing. Cheers!
Alice, Florida

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